Cockswain's "Seamus"

New Album Available Now!


New album "Seamus" is out now!

Cockswain's debut album of scruffy Celtic folk punk that addresses all the important things in life like booze, lost loves, ghosts, and devils while dabbling in traditional tunes, sea shanties, and jigs. More info

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Cockswain plays all over the Phoenix area and has a steady performance schedule. When people see a Cockswain show, they don't see a bunch of statues on stage making noise. They see a high energy group who brings it everytime. Each song seems to be the start of a party waiting to happen, and it goes down as smooth as quality Irish whiskey. More info


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Cockswain will play anytime anywhere with anyone. From 40 minute sets at a rock, punk, or folk concert to 3 hours at any Irish pub. Contact us as a headliner, supporting act for local bands, and even opening acts for bands on tour rolling through Phoenix. More info