Released: 4.20.15

  • Tonight We Dance
  • Gods Have No Graves
  • All Hands on Deck (Sample)
  • Ghost Ship (Sample)
  • Hanged Man (Sample)
  • Long Lonesome Road
  • Damned to Hell
  • Wind That Shakes the Barley/Cock o' the North
  • Sailor's Son (Sample)

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Rave reviews for "Seamus"

"With a punk delivery, an Irish heart, and a modern vision to make this kind of music contemporary, Cockswain truly succeeds at what it does, and it sounds great..Every song I've previewed seems to be the start of a party waiting to happen, and it goes down as smooth as quality Irish whiskey... loud, traditional, drunk, and rowdy. I can imagine that this effect is only amplified when surrounded by a live crowd as opposed to listening to it while you're drinking alone and dancing a jig." - Phoenix New Times

"Cockswain's debut album has every single thing that I love to find on a Celtic punk/rock CD: shanties and sailors' songs, catchy chorus, uptempo songs, some gypsy drops, instrumentals and no overexposed ballads... Hats off..." - Celticfolkpunk Radio

"Five stars! This CD makes me want to hang out with my Irish friends and down a pint." - Amazon

"Great tunes! This album makes me want to drink whiskey and sing along" - 5 stars on iTunes

Cockswain returns to the studio in the Summer of 2016 to record their follow up CD for St. Patrick’s Day 2017 release!